The Official “About Me” Section.

You see, I have a journal. I have two of them actually, and they follow the same theme of psychedelic backgrounds and metallic pages. I usually write in those every day, and I read back on them and it truly does feel like I’m reading the words of another person and their life. It’s trippy because it’s literally looking into the past except remembering the same exact feelings. Where the fuck am I going with this? Yeah, well I’ve always wanted to write a blog but with journals I love the timelessness of writing on paper. I truly feel like paper and books and all that is timeless is going to be nonexistent… I know they say anything digital will be here forever, and that should be “timeless” enough, but it’s not the same. So here I am anyway, typing away at this blog…completely forgetting I’m supposed to be sharing my personality to you..haha yeah screw about me sections.

So here’s some facts about me, not because you care but because I like writing about myself and thinking people care 🙂

  • I’m obsessed with music, discovering new music, especially indie..
  • Bruno Mars’ music gives me seizures.
  • I have the biggest sweet tooth
  • Cussing is my fucking favorite fucking thing ever because it makes everything fucking hilarious
  • I love ridiculously combined curse words like cock ass or shit donkey
  • I give really good advice… trust me ask any of my friends.
  • Paramore and Panic! at the disco ..>>>> nuff said
  • I’m a Pisces, YES I believe in that shit I’ll make  a whole fucking blog post on why don’t debate me on this.
  • Fuck Trump
  • I’m Dominican and Black (no it’s not the same fucking thing I will eat your fucking children if you say so.)
  • Speaking of eating children, I ate my twin in the womb
  • I’m really fucking hilarious…but just to myself and that’s all that matters.
  • My BIGGEST pet peeves are people who chew like fucking goats, girls who are weak pussies for their boyfriends and allow their boyfriends to run their life and choices, attitudes and people who whineeeeee (that shit’s the worst.)
  • I’m actually very positive 😀
  • My favorite color is yellow because it’s so happy and bright
  • I want a shit load of small tats
  • I love my mom more than anything in this godamn world, I FaceTime her before and after work and 3 times a day after that haha.
  • I used to party so hard, but now i’d rather do yoga and drink wine or something.
  • I’m a coffee addict…for sure..


That’s pretty much all I can think of, or all I have the energy to write up. Enough about me, what about you?

Yours, cruelly.






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