Being A Morning Person

I wish morning’s lasted forever..of course then they wouldn’t technically be considered “mornings” but it’s just my favorite part of the day. I consider myself an ambivert (a mixture of both being an introvert and extrovert) because I love being social and being around my friends but the way I recharge is alone time. I thrive off being on my own time, I’m obsessed with the little simple things I can do for just myself.

On days off, I wake up early around 7:30/8 am and I walk out onto my patio and the sun is usually the perfect amount of sunny. I think it’s so important to just feel the earth around you every day. Walk barefoot on the grass, feel the sun, breathe in the air that we’re blessed to have that’s fresh. Today I just felt the sun on my face, I heard the birds chirping and I felt the earth and it really does help get your mind set for the day.

I think of everything I’m grateful for. There are children and their families right now, currently, as I am typing this being bombed or tortured in the Middle East. There are families starving and children being taken away…and I’m here in my college apartment breathing in the fresh air, feeling the sun, and I have the privilege to be able to think of everything I’m grateful for. This is something I think a lot of us take advantage of everyday, but that’s the thing, we should be taking advantage of it but in the right ways.

Here are my top things you should follow if you’re trying to be more of a morning person, being a morning person is known to make you a more positive and productive person as well so here they are:

  • Wake up earlier, try 7:30 AM at least
  • Don’t go back to sleep once you’re up
  • Wash your face, brush your teeth all that hygienic shit
  • Go outside and feel the earth, if you live in a city, go outside and be grateful you’re in the city cause shit I miss New York sometimes…too much concrete though
  • I’d recommend playing some good ass calm or happy music that promotes good ass vibes because my favorite part of getting my day started is with a good ass playlist. Some good songs I’d recommend are Go go chaos by BonjahIn Quiet Rooms by OMN, anything by ODESZA is good (not a song called ‘anything’ but literally anything they play lmao) Slow by FELIX SNOW is good pffff.
  • List everything you’re grateful for. I don’t care if you have no limbs and your cat just died… you’re still alive aren’t you? There’s always something to be grateful for.
  • Lay out everything you have to do in your day in your head
  • Drink a cup of tea, coffee, warm water with lemon juice, anything really..
  • Stretch and do breathing exercises (You don’t really notice how shallow you breathe from day to day, breathing exercises help strengthen your lungs for a longer happier life )
  • Get on with your day! If you can exercise this early, I’d DEFINITELY recommend it because exercising super early especially before breakfast, will fasten your metabolism and strengthen your health more than you can imagine. It also promotes productivity a lot more than doing it at night or in mid-day.

The morning is the time of day for you to get your mind set and ready for the day, do it the right way.

Yours cruelly,



The Official “About Me” Section.

You see, I have a journal. I have two of them actually, and they follow the same theme of psychedelic backgrounds and metallic pages. I usually write in those every day, and I read back on them and it truly does feel like I’m reading the words of another person and their life. It’s trippy because it’s literally looking into the past except remembering the same exact feelings. Where the fuck am I going with this? Yeah, well I’ve always wanted to write a blog but with journals I love the timelessness of writing on paper. I truly feel like paper and books and all that is timeless is going to be nonexistent… I know they say anything digital will be here forever, and that should be “timeless” enough, but it’s not the same. So here I am anyway, typing away at this blog…completely forgetting I’m supposed to be sharing my personality to you..haha yeah screw about me sections.

So here’s some facts about me, not because you care but because I like writing about myself and thinking people care 🙂

  • I’m obsessed with music, discovering new music, especially indie..
  • Bruno Mars’ music gives me seizures.
  • I have the biggest sweet tooth
  • Cussing is my fucking favorite fucking thing ever because it makes everything fucking hilarious
  • I love ridiculously combined curse words like cock ass or shit donkey
  • I give really good advice… trust me ask any of my friends.
  • Paramore and Panic! at the disco ..>>>> nuff said
  • I’m a Pisces, YES I believe in that shit I’ll make  a whole fucking blog post on why don’t debate me on this.
  • Fuck Trump
  • I’m Dominican and Black (no it’s not the same fucking thing I will eat your fucking children if you say so.)
  • Speaking of eating children, I ate my twin in the womb
  • I’m really fucking hilarious…but just to myself and that’s all that matters.
  • My BIGGEST pet peeves are people who chew like fucking goats, girls who are weak pussies for their boyfriends and allow their boyfriends to run their life and choices, attitudes and people who whineeeeee (that shit’s the worst.)
  • I’m actually very positive 😀
  • My favorite color is yellow because it’s so happy and bright
  • I want a shit load of small tats
  • I love my mom more than anything in this godamn world, I FaceTime her before and after work and 3 times a day after that haha.
  • I used to party so hard, but now i’d rather do yoga and drink wine or something.
  • I’m a coffee addict…for sure..


That’s pretty much all I can think of, or all I have the energy to write up. Enough about me, what about you?

Yours, cruelly.